Packaging machines

The experience gained in recent years allows our company to provide machines for packing a wide range of products. The devices are made of high-quality materials and components, which means that they can be operated for a long time without signs of wear and without the need to replace parts. The offered machines will prove themselves both in small plants and in enterprises operating on a very large scale. 


Bet on proven solutions 

Packaging machines offered by Miflex Masz Sp z o.o. are designed in such a way as to meet the individual requirements of users. Our designers make every effort to ensure that the devices are as user-friendly as possible and do not cause any problems associated with it. The devices have been equipped with modern technologies and an efficient system, which means that their operation is not very complicated, and thanks to appropriate training conducted by our specialists, each time the device is installed at the client's company, it is not a problem.


Thanks to the use of innovative solutions, it is possible to carry out efficient and precise work related to packaging, wrapping or cutting. All this to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. What characterizes the offered machines is, above all, care for safety. In this respect, they meet all standards, which means that they are very often used in numerous factories and warehouses operating in various industries. Certificates are the proof of the high quality of the devices, and the extensive functionality of the machines means that foreign entities have been interested in purchasing them for many years.


As a manufacturer, we offer machines at the highest world level.These include, among others:

  • ea packing sachets

  • packaging machines with a volumetric doser

  • automatic enveloping machines

  • cellophane machines for automatic wrapping

The main goal of the offered machines is to increase the efficiency of work, and thus, to increase the profits of our customers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of our company and to choose the most appropriate solutions for your needs. The numerous projects carried out in recent years give us the certainty that we will meet the expectations of each of the investors.

Bet on the highest level of security 

An important aspect in the production of machines and technological devices is for us to ensure the highest possible safety of device operation. Hence, the machines are equipped with appropriate sensors, covers and alarm buttons. Safety of service is one of our priorities. In addition, the safety and health of the consumer of the finished product packaged on our machines is important and therefore we use materials with PZH health certificates for their construction. Our devices also have health approvals.
















What we offer? 

The Miflex-Masz company has been operating under its own brand for 25 years. Over that time, technology and design solutions have changed. The needs of the consumer market have also changed. Our first tea machine was the APS-10 automatic packing machine, which packs tea in rectangular sachets, later there was the trend of packing into round and shaped sachets in two-chamber sachets. Currently, a very popular solution is packing teas in pyramid bags. Our company responded to this market need immediately and now we are a leading Polish manufacturer of machines for packing tea into sachets-pyramids. The needs of our customers are the driving force behind our business. And so, at the moment, apart from APO-11P machines designed for packing tea in "pyramids", we also offer our customers a device for packing pyramids into envelopes, which ensures that the taste and aroma of packaged teas are preserved. On the other hand, for companies that want to produce for themselves also a material for packing tea in pyramids, we have developed a tagging device, type UPZ-100, thanks to which the user can produce packing material for pyramid bags with the parameters he needs.


Check what we have prepared for you! 

These and other devices can be found on our website. We invite you to view all the machines in our company's offer and to familiarize yourself with their detailed technical specifications. The numerous projects carried out in recent years, as well as the wide offer of the company, give us the certainty of meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers, both in terms of functionality and quality of machines.

We cordially invite you to use our services 

Our care for high production quality may be confirmed by the Health Quality Certificates granted to us by the National Institute of Hygiene of the National Institute of Public Health.