ASKO-20Tin Automatic packing machine for round teabags and put up into tins

Technical data:



electrical supply: 3x400V 50 Hz
pneumatic supply: 0,6 Mpa
Installed power: 5,5 kVA
air consumption: 0,1 m3/h max.

Overall dimensions:

- length - 3680mm
- width - 1230mm
- height - 2580mm
machine weight: 1100 kg

Waga urządzenia

machine weight: 1100 kg

Device support

1 person

Packing material:

- packingmaterial width - 156mm
- max diameter of packing material - 500mm

Product for packing: blacktea

Inside diameter: Ø 68mm

Number of dosing lanes: 2

Diameter: Ø 68 mm

Batch size: 1,5 gram

Dosing accuracy: ± 5%

Number of dosing lanes: 2

Max output: 200 bags/ minute

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