Overwrapping machines

Our company provides comprehensive solutions for each production stage, regardless of the type of product. 

In this tab you will find professional UC-11 cellophane machines for automatic wrapping, which provide a quick and aesthetic collective package of any items such as cigarettes, books, tea and others. As a manufacturer of packaging machines, we provide the highest quality of the proposed devices, the parameters of which can be adapted to your needs in terms of:

-  covering material (polypropylene film or cellophane),

-  the size of the package (adjusted to your product),

-  providing (continuous or intermittent).

The possibility of individual adjustment of the above-mentioned parameters makes our packaging machines a universal element of each line, regardless of the type of goods manufactured by you. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer, among which you will find wrapping devices fully fitted to the specificity of your products.

We cordially invite you to use our services 

Our care for high production quality may be confirmed by the Health Quality Certificates granted to us by the National Institute of Hygiene of the National Institute of Public Health.