Tea packing machines

The philosophy of our company is to provide our customers with the highest quality professional equipment that allows for quick and trouble-free sacheting of dry food materials.

In this tab of our official website you will find machines and devices for packing tea into bags, among which you will surely find a model that will meet all your expectations and needs. The offer includes devices such as a tea sachet machine, designed for placing loose materials in bags such as:

- standard,

- tea-jack,

- pyramids,

- other, any shapes, e.g. hearts, apples or circles.

Depending on the selected model, the bags are made of various materials, closed using various methods, based on modern heat-sealing. As a manufacturer of packaging machines, we provide the highest quality of the equipment offered and increase the comfort and efficiency of work, which will be ensured by your new, fully automated production line. We invite you to check the offer and choose a model tailored to the needs of your company.


SP-150 Automatyczna saszetkarka pozioma


ASKS-30 Automatyczna saszetkarka do pakowania herbat w saszetki kształtowe np. saszetka w kształcie serca.

SP-200 Automatyczna saszetkarka pozioma typu doypack

Automatyczna linia do pakowania herbat i ziół

Automatyczna linia z automatyczną kartoniarką do pakowania herbat i ziół w opakowania typu piramidka

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Our care for high production quality may be confirmed by the Health Quality Certificates granted to us by the National Institute of Hygiene of the National Institute of Public Health.