Packing machines with vacuum

As the creator of professional equipment, we use modern technologies that have a significant impact on increasing comfort and safety at the packaging stage.

 We offer our clients packaging equipment with a volumetric dispenser in two models: APO-1 and APO-11, intended for wrapping and sacheting products for the food industry, such as:

  • granules,
  • spices,
  • teas,
  • powders,
  • seeds.

All packaging machines and devices available on this page of our website are available with a volumetric, weight or screw dispenser. Depending on the selected product model, the grammage of one sachet is adjustable and may range from 6 to 500 grams. Due to the above, it is also possible to independently design the size of the container for food materials in the range from 100 to 300 mm. The machine for the production of sachets also allows you to adjust the material of their production: polyethylene, paper, foil, laminates or fix paper. The ability to independently adapt the device to the customer's needs ensures their versatility, which is one of the most important advantages of the professional equipment we offer. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full range of our machines and choose a model that will meet all your needs and expectations related to functionality and efficiency.

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Our care for high production quality may be confirmed by the Health Quality Certificates granted to us by the National Institute of Hygiene of the National Institute of Public Health.