APO-1 Machine is suitable for packaging of products for food industry using the TRANSWRAP system. 


The APO-1 machine is suitable for packaging of products for food industry using the TRANSWRAP system. The exemplary products are: tea, powder products, granulated products, sunflower seeds, pepper, raisins, etc.


  • Packaging material: Polyethylene + aluminum + laminated foils, laminates
  • Packaging material width results from bag width: 400 mm, max
  • External diameter of packaging material reel: 350 mm, max
  • Reel core diameter: 76 mm
  • Single load per machine: 1 reel
    - one reel with obverse and reverse of bag
  • Bag size depends on customer's needs
    - variable length (photocell or length counter graduated in mm) from range: from 100 to 300 mm
  • width (constant, forming system) from range: from 60 to 125 mm
  • a change of bag width requires modification of forming system
    - adjustable dosage size from 10 to 500 g
  • Output: 25 cycles, max


  • Packaging material unwinder
  • Sleeve seam forming system
  • Vertical sealing system
  • Volume feeder, screw feeder or weight feeder
  • Transverse sealing and cutting system
  • Conveyor


1. Power

  • Power supply: 3x380/220V 50Hz
  • Installed power: 1,5 kW
  • Compressed air supply: 6 bars
  • Compressed air consumption: 0,6m3/h

2. Overall dimensions

  • Basic machine: 1200mm x 1600mm x 2500mm

3. Weight

  • Basic machine: 800 kg.
  • Basic machine + conveyor: 850 kg.

4. Attendance

  • Direct: 1 person/ 3 machines
  • Collection of bags from conveyor: 1 person

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