APO-11 Semi- automatic packing machine of teas into tea-jack. 4 load cell-weighing system. For packing powder or grain it is possible to equip with volumetric or crew feeder.


The semi-automatic  packing machine  APO-11 is designed for packing tea into tea-Jack bags  performed  from the heat sealed filter paper with gussets on each side. The principle of operating is trans-wrap system.

This machine one can use for packing spices, powder and grain products.  


  • convenient operation,

  • easy changing of parameters,

  • possibility of choice of suitable dosing system,

  • possibility packing different products,

  • friendly for personnel configuration of operation screen,

  • full error diagnostics,

  • easy demounting for cleaning.


All components of  machine APO-11  is placed on self-supporting steel frame covered by protections. All machine elements having direct contact with packed product are made of materials approved by the State Institute of Hygiene (PZH). This machine is equipped with heat sealing jaws and cutting system, and variable adjustment of speed.

Main components:

  • unwinder of the material, one roll of the material with width 140mm

  • the guide rollers system

  • the creation  of the sleeve system

  • the vertical pressure welding system

  • the horizontal pressure welding system

  • the main drive with the possibility of the speed regulation.

  • the batcher  - 4 load cell-weighing system or volumetric dosing.

  • the collection conveyer  of the bag

  • control cabinet


 Packing material

  • for packing tea heat sealed filter paper,
  • for packing remaining products polythene + paper, laminated plastic,
  • the width of material is depend on the width of bag - 140 mm,
  • external diameter of roll - 350 mm,
  • diameter of core - 76 mm,
  • inserted piece of material  overprinted or not - 1 reel,

The dimension of bag is relative to customer requirements.

  • the length is variable (set by photocell or by counter) - 100÷160 mm,
  • the width (without change) - 50 mm,

the change of width needs the change of forming system.

volume of dose (for example tea) - 6 ÷ 10 gram,


1. Power supply;

  • electrical energy - 3 x 380/220 V 50(60) Hz,
  • installed power - 1.5 KW ,
  • compressed air - 6 bar,
  • air consumption - 1 m3 /hour,

2.  Dimension of machine   1000mm x 700mm x 2300mm,

3.  Weight - 200 kg,

4.  Service - 1 person

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Our care for high production quality may be confirmed by the Health Quality Certificates granted to us by the National Institute of Hygiene of the National Institute of Public Health.