APO-11PSK Automatic pyramid teabags packing line into packing cartons This line consists of APO-11-P pyramid teabags packing machine and cartoning module.


Automatic pyramid teabags packing line into packing cartons  This line consists of APO-11-P pyramid teabags packing machine and  cartoning module. The automatic packing line APO-11PSK is designed for packing tea  into pyramid teabags by means of APO-11P pyramid packing machine and automatically transfers  bags to cartons.  Cartons are erected from flat blanks  by means of  cartoning module with the click-clack carton closure or with a completely glued lid closure.

  • Efficient and economical line for packing teas.
  • By means of this line one can pack black teas or fruit teas,  herbal teas or herbs, flavoured  tea blends, aromatic herbs  into pyramid bags. One can be in a position to pack  other products into pyramid bags for example spices.
  • One can diversify range of production,
  • One can save money on cost of labour, 


  • Fully automatic line for packing tea, 

  • easy changing of parameters,

  • easy setting of dose of tea,

  • possibility packing different teas,

  • full error diagnostics.


The automatic packing line APO-11PSK is designed for packing tea into triangular and rectangular ultrasonic sealed Nylon or PLA teabags and for packing each teabag into cartons. The basic machine is equipped with

8 load cell-weighing system situated on separate frame. 

          This line consists from 5 items:

  •  APO-11P pyramid  teabag packing machine 
  • Conveyor for transfer and counting teabags pyramid from 18 to 24 items to joining of     collecting-tank,
  • Packing station of teabags into cartons,
  • Cartoning module with glue station,

 All parts in contact with the product is made in stainless steel.  


The carton erecting module is designed for forming and gluing boxes  

Packing material  for teas:                                 

  • Nylon produced by Yamanaka or Coresch 

  • Non woven PLA produced by Ahlstrom 

  • Width of packing material                      -140mm 

  • Diameter of material reel                       -350mm  

  • reel core diameter                                    -75mm

  • number of reel installed on machine    1 reel

  • Dimensions of teabag                               58mm x 60mm


Tag and Thread is sealing to material with other tagging machine or one can buy material with web of thread and tags on the target. 

Packed product: 

Black teas or fruit tea  herbal teas or herbs with fraction dimensions                                        

- as a round as a barrel       - max. 4mm 

- thin  & fragile - length  - max. 6mm 

Weight of product   1.5 ÷3.5 grams 

it depend of specific gravity of product and dimension of fraction 

Volume of dose max  12 cm3 

Cardboard box click-clack type closed, dimensions: 

length  - 110 mm,   width   -  67 mm,  height  - 110 mm 

Material for cardboard box    - carton Alaska 255 or Alaska 235, 

The number of teabags into box  18 ÷ 24 bags 

Because the efficiency of cartoning module is 20 boxes per minute and efficiency of pyramid packing machine is 90 teabags per minute, there is possibility to use three (3) APO-11P pyramid packing machine and  

One (1) cartoning module. In this case the line mast be expanded. 

 Engineering data 

Power supply; 
-  electrical energy 3 x 380/220 V 50(60) Hz,

-  installed power  6.5 KW , 

-  compressed air   6 bar,

-  air consumption   45 m3 /hour, 

    2.  Dimension of machine for one set     2700mm x 5800mm x 2500mm,

Weight   packing machine + cartoning module and teabags  packing module   1800kg
4. Service  1 person  

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